Project Description

Project selected in the Regional Operational Programme co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund

•   Project financed through the Regional Operational Programme 2007 – 2013
•   Priority Axis 5 – "Sustainable development and tourism promotion"
•   Key Area of Intervention 5.3. – "Promoting the tourist potential and creating the necessary infrastructure in order to increase Romania's attractiveness as a tourist destination"
•   Operation "Development and consolidation of domestic tourism by helping to promote specific products and specific marketing attractiveness"

Main project objective

The visibility degree increase of a cultural objective with a high touristic potential in District 1, Bucharest and the touristic offer improvement, by creating a new touristic path, to contain it.

The cultural objective will be promoted at a local, as well as national level.

Promoted cultural objectives

The “Enchanted Village” project follows the idea of promoting a cultural objective from District 1, which is declared historical monument and belongs to the cultural national patrimony: THE „DIMITRIE GUSTI” NATIONAL VILLAGE MUSEUM

Project Activities

•   Creating a website dedicated to the project
•   Producing and distributing promotional materials (brochures, flyers, brochures, albums, maps, postcards, posters, DVDs, etc.)
•   Advertising inserts in newspapers
•   Broadcasting media spots
•   Outdoor advertising
•   Organizing two artistic events inside the "Dimitrie Gusti" National Village Museum

The project target group

•   The local community of District 1 and the entire community of the Capital, by appraising the cultural patrimony objectives and by bringing in new touristic paths, less valorized;
•   The potential visitors and tourists, Romanian or foreign, during their holidays, or simply passing by, people who, after consulting the promotional materials of the objectives, are free to choose spending there their holidays, leaves, weekend, totally or partially;
•   The tourists who wish to participate at festivals or local events;
•   The tourists interested in discovering Bucharest, tourists who, on their way, choose this short and efficient path;
•   Those who participate at the conventions, seminars or reunions organized in centers destined to different types of exhibitions, people who are able to combine the business tourism with the cultural, amusement one etc.;
•   The agents and tourism operators, who will be approached during their participation at touristic events, seeking to include the offer “Bucharest wants you in trainers” in the touristic packages they promote and offer;
•   The local companies which provide services related to tourism.

Project Budget

•   The total value of the project is of 983.197,35 lei
•   The eligible value of the project is of 769.462,09 lei
•   The irredeemable eligible value from FEDR is of 654.042,78 lei
•   The irredeemable eligible value from the national budget is of 100.030,07 lei
•   The eligible sponsoring of the beneficiary is of 15.389,24 lei

The project implementing period is of 6 months, period of time starting when the sponsoring contract is being signed and finishing when the last project activity is finalized.