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District 1 promotes itself with European funds, through two projects which are going to be launched tomorrow. See here what are the sites with tourist potential

In order to develop and consolidate the internal tourism through supporting the touristic products and the specific marketing activities, the District 1 City Hall is launching tomorrow the projects: “People and Places” and “The Enchanted Village”, both financed by the Regional Operational Program 2007 – 2013. The general objective of “The Enchanted Village” project is that of promoting the „Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum. At the same time, they wish to improve the touristic offer by creating a new touristic path, which would include the cultural objective mentioned. The “People and Places” project suggests the visibility degree increase of six more cultural objectives, with touristic potential in the district, as well as creating a new touristic journey to include them. The promoted objectives are: the Lens Vernescu house, the Cleopatra Trubetkoi house, the Dissescu house, the princess Elisabeth house, the Dinu Lipatti house and the Barbu Stirbei palace.

The projects launching will take place during a press conference organized at the Council Hall of the District 1 City Hall, tomorrow, starting with 11 o’clock. The first promoted project will be “The Enchanted Village”, followed by the presentation of the second one, entitled “People and Places”, at 12 o’clock. Both projects are financed through the Regional Operational Program 2007 – 2013, inside the Primary axis 5 – “The everlasting development and tourism promotion”, the Major Intervention Field 5.3. – "The touristic potential promotion and creating the necessary infrastructure, in order to increase Romania’s appeal as a touristic destination", operation "The internal tourism development and consolidation through supporting the specific products and the specific marketing activities.”

Publishing date: 20.06.2012
Source:  the  Adevărul  newspaper

District 1, promoted by two new touristic routes

"The Enchanted Village" and "People and places" are the two European funding projects, through which important District 1 touristic objectives will be promoted. The general objective of “The Enchanted Village” project aims at increasing the visibility degree of the „Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum and improving the touristic offer by creating a new touristic path which would include the cultural objective already mentioned. Other six objectives had been included in “People and places” project. The purpose of the new program is thus, that of promoting six buildings considered historic monuments from District 1: the Lens Vernescu house, the Cleopatra Trubetkoi house, the Dissescu house, the princess Elisabeth house, the Dinu Lipatti house and the Barbu Stirbei palace. The six objectives, located on Calea Victoriei and Lascăr Catargiu Boulevard, will be included in a new touristic journey. Both projects are being financed with European funds and will be accomplished within six months. “The Enchanted Village” has a total cost of 998.562 lei of which 15.355 lei represent the District 1 City Hall sponsoring. The total value of the “People and places” project reaches the amount of 983.197 lei, of which 15.389 represent the City Hall contribution. "We have a city with plenty of beautiful things, not appraised enough. There are interesting things for those who live in Bucharest, who pass by beautiful buildings without knowing anything about them”, said Andrei Chiliman, the District 1 Mayor, at the launching of the two projects.

Publishing date: 21.06.2012
Source:  the  website

The cultural heritage in District 1, promoted by European funds

The District 1 City Hall obtained new European funds worth 2 million to promote the cultural sites in this administrative area.

In collaboration with the Romanian Government and the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, the District 1City Hall will conduct two other projects with European funding - "Enchanted Village" and "People and Places" - which aims to revive cultural tourism in the capital. The project implementation period is 6 months.

"The urban regeneration strategy, which means increasing the quality of life, implies valorising the cultural and historic heritage of District 1. The history of this city was written in District 1, most buildings, museums and cultural sites waiting to be promoted to be known and appreciated by the majority of tourists, "said the Mayor of District 1, Andrei Chiliman, at the launch conference of the projects.

The two tourism promotion projects aim to increase the visibility of several cultural sites with high tourist potential in District 1, and improve the tourist offer by creating a new tourist route containing them. The cultural sites and historical monuments are part of the national cultural heritage:

• The "Enchanted Village" project promotes one cultural sites: National Village Museum "Dimitrie Gusti”;
• The "People and Places" project promotes six cultural sites: the Lens-Vernescu House, Cleopatra Trubeţkoi House, the Dissescu House, Princess Elizabeth House, the Dinu Lipatti House and the Barbu Ştirbei Palace.

”By the projects started today we wish to valorise the historical and cultural heritage. District 1 can and will become a tourist attraction on the map of Europe," said Cristina Dima, the project manager.

The projects are funded through the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013, Priority 5 - "Sustainable development and tourism promotion", Key Area of Intervention 5.3. - "Promoting the tourist potential and creating the necessary infrastructure in order to increase Romania's attractiveness as a tourist destination," Operation - "Development and consolidation of domestic tourism by helping to promote specific products and specific marketing attractiveness”.

Also, for the revival of cultural tourism in the administrative area, District 1 City Hall launched in March 2012, three EU-funded projects worth 3 million:

• The "Bucharest wants you in sneakers" project promotes three cultural sites: the Herastrau Park, the Caryatids Alley, the "Dimitrie Gusti" National Village Museum;
• The "Stone Men" project promotes seven cultural sites: the statue of Barbu Stefanescu Delavrancea, the statue of Monsignor Vladimir Ghika, the bust of Nicolae Iorga, the statue of Alexandru Lahovary, the statue of Iuliu Maniu, the statue of I.C. Bratianu, the statue of General Charles de Gaulle;
• The "Green Culture" project promotes four cultural sites: the "Admiral Vasile Urseanu" Astronomical Observatory, the "Vasile Parvan" Museum of Archaeology, the "St. Sava" National College and the Victoria Passage.

Publishing date: 21.06.2012
Source:  the  Amos News  press agency

Orașul Vrăjit model - March 2014

Orașul Vrăjit model - April 2014

Press announcement 1_2 - March 2014

Press announcement 1_2 - April 2014

Press announcement 1_4 - March 2014

Press announcement 1_4 - April 2014

The press conference held by District 1 of Bucharest City to launch the project "Enchanted Village"


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The press conference held by District 1 of Bucharest City to end the project "Enchanted Village"

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